Updated December 17, 2006

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United Alumni Senior Drum & Bugle Corps
A Bit Of History

     The United Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps was formed in September 1998. It was an off-shoot of a Alumni Reunion Drum Corps formed in January 1998 featuring former members of the Simcoe Boy Scout Trumpet Band, Optimists Band, Royal Blues, Simcoe Golden Lions, & Lakeshore Brassmen. All the corps operated out of Simcoe, Ontario, except for the Brassmen, which operated out of nearby Port Dover, Ontario. All five corps originated after the previous corps disbanded, beginning with the Scout Band in 1953

Simcoe Scout Band & Optimists Band
     The Scout Band sponsorship was taken over by the Optimists Club in approximately 1958 and thus the name was changed to the Optimists Band.

Royal Blues
     In 1960 Ron Mann became the director and the corps became self-sponsored and changed the name to the Royal Blues Drum & Bugle Corps.  This corps competed in the Senior B Category winning several championships during its tenure.   The Royal Blues folded in 1968

Simcoe Golden Lions
     In 1969 the Simcoe Golden Lions Drum & Bugle Corps was formed sponsored by the Simcoe Lions Club.  The corps competed in Junior B, Junior C and parade class categories.  In 1977 the Golden Lions highlighted their tenure by winning the "Triple Crown" of Canadian Junior C Drum Corps, by winning all three Championships - Junior C, Ontario Provincials and Canadian Nationals.  The Golden Lions folded in 1979

Lakeshore Brassmen
     The Lakeshore Brassmen were formed in 1978 comprised of over aged members of the Golden Lions.  The Brassmen were a self-sponsored senior competitive parade corps that folded in 2002.