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United Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps is comprised of 3 sections. 

All sections are open to new members.


Horn Line

Soprano, Mellophone, Baritone &


Drum Line

Snare, Tenor, Toms, Triples, Bass &


Colour Guard

Flags & National Party


The instruments we play.

Horn Line:

            All of our horns are known as bugles which are in the key of G as opposed to normal band instruments which are in the key of Bh


Soprano similar to a Trumpet


Mellophone similar to a French Horn




Contra bass similar to a Tuba


Bugle pictures supplied by Dynasty.                                                                        


Drum Line:

            Our percussion (or drum line) is comprised of snare, tenor, toms, triples, bass and cymbals.




Drum pictures supplied by Yamaha


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